Sarah Christophers is back

I heart Sarah Christophers

Remember Sarah Christophers? Berks fame? She’s back. Sarah is UNO Magazine’s April 2008 cover girl. I know, I know… I already have a spin-off blog about the ladies, but this is an exception. I’ve always envisioned writing about the girls I interviewed for Bembang! – the experience, first hand impression of their personalities, etc. So far I have none on Sarah.

Remembering Sarah

For the uninformed, the interview archive is still here. That was almost four years ago. It was during Karel Marquez’ interview when we first spotted Sarah – Karel had a gig in Dish, Quezon City; Sarah watched. I believe it was my friend Singapore Clear who approached her and asked permission for a future feature. “So, number ba ito ng manager mo?” Asked Singapore Clear. “Ah no, personal number ko yan.” Whoa. How trusting is Sarah?

It was obvious even back then that she was not caught up in the trappings of celebrity life. During the interview, she was as simple as can be, but insanely, stunningly, silently, gorgeous. She answered questions without hesitation. She laughed, she laughed… She made us feel like we were just what we looked like from other people’s eyes – close friends having casual coffee.

Me and my Bembang! crew probably ran into Sarah 2-3 times after that interview. She’d say hi. She’d remember our names. She’d ask for whoever it was who wasn’t there but was in the interview. She introduced us to Ketchup Eusebio. She’d say she remembered every detail of the interview clearly in her head. It felt like Bembang!, my pride and joy back then, was already “malakas” with Sarah Christophers.

News spread that she was back in hometown Australia one day. Maybe for good, maybe for school, I don’t know. Her fans (count me in) felt a certain sayang compassion because she had not reached her full potential locally. However, she stayed connected (with fans) via her already-closed blog and her Multiply.

Thoughts In Binary

In person, you’d easily get the notion that she is deep – a thinker. And she is just that. I can also probably accurately attest that she is a bookworm. As far as looks is concerned, well, do you like tisay? If not, I honestly feel that if you see her, she can make you think twice about your taste. I remember her hair, her brows and lashes were jet black. They were gorgeous. She was and still is, gorgeous.

Truth is, I can rave about her all day and you still would probably not care. If it weren’t for UNO, most people would probably still have no clue who Sarah Christopers is. She went cold. And although her “comeback” method is sizzling hot and sexy – add “sexy” to her arsenal, she lost weight; only time can tell if she is really officially back.