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3145 viewsfront. gwapings rin. may foglamps narin - G model.353 comments
1396 viewsfront angled. wala lang. galing pa pala Marikina to!26 comments
1967 viewsquarter right. pretty nice shape don't you think? check out the side mirrors, may signal lights narin - new school.61 comments
1262 viewsside. Toyota Beige nga pala to. metallic. nice color day or night.18 comments
2499 viewsquarter rear - new school looking tailights. walang kasamang rear censor sayang. meron din siyang ilaw sa bottomost part ng bumper. dunno what that's for94 comments
1604 viewsquarter rear angled.16 comments
3168 viewsmouldings. bare but may pocket which is adequate. notice tweeters sa sail panel - a plus for me, no need to customize. look below the airvents - those become cup holders (left and right). you just push on them and voila! all in all, 3 cup holders for this car135 comments
1201 viewsdoor sidings rear. bare na bare.14 comments
3404 viewsspacious back area. wala ring hump for the muffler (flat floor) - pioneered by honda.179 comments
2268 viewsanother view, medyo naka todo likod na yung front seats and maluwag parin. bare na bare lang yung seats. also shown here is the additional cup holder for the back - look at the arm rest closely.34 comments
2364 viewstrunk area. spacious but small opening. good enough for groceries and then some.14 comments
1432 viewsanother view. shown also are the tools. by the way, di naka mags ang spare tire. ok lang...1 comments
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